So, what is a Rally?

Many of our centre members have never joined us on a rally and maybe this is because the word ‘rally’ conjures up so many different images. Yes, there are words only heard within the ‘rallying world’ i.e. Flag, but these words are the the foundation of what a rally is. (‘Flag’ is an informal and optional gathering at the start and end of the rally where tea, coffee and conversation flow.) What a rally involves is explained below.

What kinds of Rally are there?

All of our rallies have their own individual character. Some are quiet affairs with no organised activities. Other rallies have socials and activities organised which may be in the local village hall or on the field in summer. All activities are completely open and we want you to feel free to join in, it is entirely up to you. Activities range from traditional to new and you will receive a warm welcome every time.

How does it Work?

On arriving at the rally, you will be welcomed on to site by the Rally Officer and directed to your pitch. You will be given the programme for the rally and an optional competition or quiz. Usually on the first evening of the rally, there will be an opportunity to join the 'flag'. You are then free to enjoy the rally as much as you like. The rally office is always on hand if you have questions.

The rally will be 'closed' on the final day with another ‘flag’ and awarding of competition prizes. Rally Officers also take this time to update you on forthcoming events and centre news. After all, its your centre!

The centre you belong to gives you a fantastic opportunity to experience the locations the rally officers have found. Whether it be for picturesque landscapes where you can spend the time relaxing or a location near to great shopping opportunities. The simpler rallies are often exceptional value for money with nominal fees charged but increasingly, rallies are held on ‘Club Sites’ and other commercial sites – often at large discounts from normal rates.

How do I book or get more information?

The best place to start is to contact us using the get in touch box on the home page. Bev, our rally secretary will be able to guide you through making your booking and give you any further information you need.

Sensible daytime use of a generator is usually permitted to allow van batteries to be topped up, on rally venues where no mains electricity is present. Please note however that venues where Cumbria Centre holds rallies do not usually have facilities available for charging electric or hybrid vehicles.

This is your centre so relax, pull up a chair and enjoy. We look forward to seeing you on a rally soon!