It gives me great pleasure to be the third Chairman to return to the post for a second time. I will be proud to represent you all and ensure the continuation of the Centre for the time being, at least one more centre, nationally, has disappeared since this time last year.


Over the past 35 years our family has had so much fun and so many opportunities that those not involved in rallying may never get to experience (in the same way and at the same cost). Both our daughters are now involved with the Centre. Bev is of course Rally Secretary. Both Bev and Mel are involved in the running of many rallies.


The Centre had a great season last year with several new members who have increased our number at rallies later in the year. We also raised nearly £1500 for charity, which was distributed between the Maryport Inshore Lifeboat (not part of the RNLI), the Great North Air Ambulance and the Sunbeam Music Trust in Penrith.


Looking forward we have a great program including the Northern Region Question Time at Tullie House, Carlisle and associated rally, plus of course our Diamond Celebration Rally in August, right in front of Lowther Castle near Penrith. Also this year we have rallies covering every month, thanks to some new Rally Officers and of course those who have run rallies for many years. 


On that topic we would welcome, and support, anyone who is interested in running a rally for our Centre. We need new Rally Officers, and new ideas, so we can all continue to enjoy our hobby in this beautiful area, for without them our centre will diminish and eventually collapse.


You will notice we have a number of invitations to other Northern Region Centres, and we are also publishing some of their rally programs, a reciprocal arrangement, to hopefully encourage more people to travel and experience other parts of our Region.


As always Jackie and I look     forward to meeting many of      your over the coming season, a year to celebrate the Centre achieving 60 years.


Elected at the AGM in October, the Centre committee meets regularly to keep the centre running smoothly.  
Their contact details are listed in the Centre Handbook, or alternatively you can e-mail the Committee or any Rally Officer via this website.


Jackie Wright


Committee Member

Alan Wright



Northern Region Delegate

Festival of the North Delegate

Pencil and notepad

Lisa Turner



Northern Region Delegate

Festival of the North Delegate


Kathleen Hammerton



Minute Secretary


Daniel Jackson





Bev Ramshaw


Rally Secretary

Social Media Guru


Mark Turner
Committee Member


Ian and Christine Mercer



Welfare Officers

Pink Flowers
Piggy Bank


Dear members old, new, far and wide!


After a year of turmoil, the road ahead looks a little less bumpy so hopefully we can enjoy every rally planned for 2022.

Despite Covid, 2021 was a really positive year for us. We've picked up so many new members, we just need to encourage you all to join us on a rally. On that note, our Easter Holiday rally is doubling up as a New Ralliers Rally again. We'll look at putting on a meet and greet, and ask us any questions session; we'll even make you a cuppa.

For anyone who is new to rallying, I really recommend reading our 'New to Rallying' guide. Rallying is so many different things to different people. Some have been doing it for years and enjoy meeting up with friends who they only see when caravanning. Some use it as a cheap site for exploring the area. Rallying is also really flexible; you don't have to stay for the full duration of the rally. 

What have you got to lose? Come and give it a try!


As always, I want to thank the rally officers for organising our rallies this year; without them we would have nothing to offer. I only ask that you are patient when contacting them, they are volunteers and some also work full time.

You will see that we have at least 1 rally currently without rally officers. If you fancy giving running a rally a go, then we are here to help you every step of the way. It's probably easier than you think! 


While I'm doing my thank yous, I also want to thank our ralliers who come along and make our rallies worth organising.


Don't forget that the handbook is updated as frequently as it needs to be, so always check this website for the most up to date version. We also use our Facebook page to update availability of rallies, so find us here

While I am promoting the digital side of the Centre, we are encouraging online bookings and paying for rallies by BACs (details are at the bottom of every rally information page).


Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable 2022. Happy Caravanning!