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We Need Your Help!!...

Good morning ralliers! We hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the rallies we had hosted so far...

So this post is all about how we need your help as members of Cumbria Centre, as without you we could potentially see the centre go into hibernation. This is not something any of us would want for such a large and successful group.

As many of you know, our recent treasurer stepped down from the post (for personal reasons) after many years and currently this role is being undertaken by a committee member as a temporary measure. However, in the long term this member already has committee roles and it's not something they can sustain over time.

This is where you lovely people come in - we are looking for somebody to take on the Treasurer Role for Cumbria Centre.

Now....we can hear you all panicking already about what qualifications you might need or how much work is involved - please don't!

We don't want you to worry as you will have the full support of all of the committee, including the the current temporary treasurer, when you step into the role. You don't need any qualifications to carry out this role - we won't ask to see certificates or anything like that! We need somebody who is happy to oversee the money side of the Centre, so checking incoming rally payments, allocating money to pay for sites etc.. You would be working alongside the other rally officers and the committee in ensuring our Centre is able to keep functioning. As part of the committee, we have meetings every few months - mainly via zoom as we all live some distance from each other, although we do meet in person every now and again - there is also generally food involved in that too!!

To be the Treasurer, you don't even need to be a regular rally attender, just a current member of the Caravan and Motorhome Club - and obviously a Cumbria Centre Member - who has a bit of spare time to help us out.

We kindly ask that you consider this appeal carefully and really think - Can I help my centre out? In order to prevent a centre going into hibernation, we need to register all of the roles with The Caravan Club and this role would be officially taken on as of the AGM in October. However, you would be more than welcome to work alongside the current treasurer until then to see how it's done!

Thank you all for listening and we do hope you have a good think to see if it's something you could offer your time to...

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