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Beaumont 2018

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

This rally was excellent and such a shame if it had been cancelled through lack of support.

As it was those ralliers who went all interacted with each other so it made it a very friendly rally. We had never been to a rally on that field and once we negotiated junction 44 we were well away.

We had the use of the hall all weekend and Friday night Bev, Kevin & Oliver brought us either steak or chicken pie with new potatoes, peas and gravy and what a plateful we had. I was glad of the break before either strawberry cheesecake and cream or hot fudge cake and cream and there were plenty of seconds for those who could manage them. All this for £3. I couldn't have enjoyed it more if I had gone to a restaurant. There was tea & coffee to follow and opening flag.

Saturday we spent the day with our good friends Yvonne & Ron so no cooking for me that day. Yvonne & Ron paid their rally fee and joined us both nights, which was great.

On Saturday evening I took the racing game into the hall and that was hilarious especially with Peter J & Nigel M both trying to beat each other. The wine flowed and the nibbles were enjoyed.

Closing flag was brought forward to 11.30am because we had to leave due to a hospital appointment first thing Monday morning.

Nancy & Nigel won the quiz and everyone got a lucky van.

It is certainly one of our rallies for next year.

Thank you Dave & Pam Latham, who stepped in when they were short of Rally Officers & Bev, Kevin & Oliver for a great rally.

Gillian & Alan Lamb

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