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Ambleside July 2018

Janet & myself arrived at the rally on Monday 23rd to be assured that the weather was set fine, guess what we had rain for a day and a half.

Monday night in the clubhouse was an enjoyable evening after the diners had had their fill. A game of millionaire followed and Aiden’s Mob were twice millionaires, a chocolate bar followed.

Tuesday night in the clubhouse was a game of card bingo, one end of the room never got a look in.

Good weather was evident for the rest of the rally, and there was "flag" outside with everyone sat around in their chairs, now there's a thing, not happened very often.

It would be remiss not to thank the rally officers for all their hard work in ensuring everyone was well looked after.

Thank you, Gillian, Allan, Barbara & Mike.

From ‘The Hughes’

What an excellent Rally field the Ambleside Rally is held on.  The Ambleside Rugby field is only a few minutes walk to the town centre but far enough out to be very peaceful by night time.  Although the town was packed with visitors we all still managed to visit attractions all around the central lakes.

Alan and Gillian Lamb as Rally Officers, assisted by Mike and Barbara Smith hosted a super Rally, thanks to all of them.  Flag was held in the hall, which could have been useful but as we are experiencing a fantastic summer for weather we could have managed without.  The hall was used for the Horse Racing Game which was very well received, I think with the most winnings going to young Aidan, who proved to be very astute at betting!  We had a communal BBQ and social evening, with a quiz from Gillian, not forgetting Alan's pot luck quiz, which by some miracle we won!

Many rallies made use of their bus passes and I heard mention of visits to Coniston, Hawkeshead, Grasmere, Keswick, Windermere and also making the most of the Lake with ferry rides up and down.  We managed a walk up and over Loughrigg, and bike riding too.

There were ralliers visiting from various centres, but it would be good if more Cumbrians attended these excellent rallies, it may well be use it or lose it, so please come along to a rally soon.

Wrestling a pop up tent into submission!

If all else fails, read the instructions, Clifford the dog had got bored by now!

With kind permission from Gillian, David and Aidan Thompson.

The joys of rallying.

Lynn, Bob & Dan Brown

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