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We had our Annual General Meeting on the 6th October 2019.

The meeting raised some fantastic points from the membership which will help the centre moving forward Thank you to these that attended and also those that gave apologies. We look forward to welcoming more people next year!

As mentioned before the centre can only operate with a full committee. We are delighted that the positions were all filled! The Elected Committee for 2020 is as follows;

Chairman - Alan Wright

Secretary - Kathleen Hammerton

Treasurer - Daniel Jackson

Rally Secretary - Bev Ramshaw

General Committee - Lisa Turner, Jackie Wright, Sheila Jackson and Andrew Jackson

Sheila Jackson was co-opted post AGM as minute secretary to assist our new secretary.

We are always looking for people to join the centre committee so if you feel you would like to please complete the form below and send it to



There have been some concerns raised over the legislation for driving over 70 years old with the caravan on tow. Please see this link from the National Farmers Union which hopefully explains what the rules are. (Obviously this refers to farm machinery but the principle is the same)


We still need members to join the Centre Committee to help the Centre function.  Centre members who are willing to join the Committee can be co-opted onto the Committee at any time, but ‘the sooner the better’.  No experience of committee, or of running rallies is required, just an interest in the Centre and a willingness to make suggestions that may help take the Centre forward. It is not a big commitment, only 6-8 meetings a year and travel expenses are paid.   

Cumbria Centre members who are interested, or would like further information  are requested to contact the Centre Secretary, details in the Centre handbook.  The Centre Rally Secretary can also be contacted by email 


The Centre will continue for another year! Andrew Jackson has stepped up to take on the Chairman roll and Alan Wright as Vice Chair, both are for 1 year only to fill the void. 

Sheila has also announced that she will be stepping down as Secretary at the 2019 AGM. 

If you are a Cumbria Centre member reading this page, we cannot continue limping through like this. Genuinely consider joining us and filling an 'Officer' post on our committee and keep this centre going. Rallying is still an entegral part of Caravan Club membership, but we do need members to take up vacancies on the centre committee and of course, run rallies.


Annie Mawson, of the Sunbeams Music Trust, received a cheque for £1525 from members of the committee on behalf of the members of the centre. The money was raised from raffles, a coffee morning, a tombola stall, bacon sarnie and your generous donations!

Thank you!

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