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It's Landed!!!!

Soooo......the new webpage has finally landed! We hope you like it and it makes it easier to navigate around to book those rallies you want!

There are a few additions/changes to make you aware of. We have now made a 'Rally Waiting List' form for those rallies that are full - this means if you wish to book a rally and it is full, it will not allow you to pick it from the booking list and will instead direct you to the waiting list form which can be found in the drop down menu's - see below!

You can also see the rallies for the year in a calendar list from this drop down menu - the info will open when you click on the link. The Nationals are also included within this list with their links too.

There are links to other Northern Region Centres within the 'Links' menu as well as links to the CAMC full rally list and just the Northern Region full rally list.

We have included the Festival of the North in our Fellowship awards as we are sponsoring this event, however any National events attended will not be included within the Cumbria Centre Awards.

We hope you enjoy the upcoming year of rallies and we would love to receive any rally reports or reviews to post on the page for everyone to see what fun we have.

Equally - we ask that you visit our Facebook Centre Public page and leave us a review about a rally you have attended or about the centre as a whole (good we hope!!) as currently we don't have any reviews on our FB page!

We look forward to seeing you on a rally somewhere this year!

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